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From differentiated curriculum per grade through to complete resource & Individual Education Plan solutions as well as Continuous Professional Development for SEN staff and shadow teachers, we provide an end to end solution for schools, so you find all your needs in one place.

In the Classroom

Resources for English as a Second Language (ESL)

The simplest of the programme to provide resources for ESL

We work with our global partners to bring to your doorstep resources that will enhance the students' learning of english faster and better through books and online materials.

Female Student

SEN Staff Continuous Professional Development (CPD) & Resources for Students

Providing annual staff CPD training and resource kit for students learning needs

We work with your school's SEN staff to keep them abreast of the developments and changes happening globally as well as bring them state of the art ideas and resources. We would also provide resource kits for the students in the school for their better and faster grasp of topics based on the individual needs of the children.

A Girl in a Classroom

Linguaphile IEP, CPD & Resources

Providing you the kits required to be self sufficient in running the SEN department

No two students have exactly the same needs, so we provide you a template for creating Individual Education Plan for the students and once that is available, we will also provide you the resource kits for the students based on their needs. And as we know that the SEN staff make the difference, we would run annual CPD sessions with them to keep them abreast of the changes happening globally, so you can become self sufficient in creating a world class SEN department.

Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson

Linguaphile SEN Partnership

A complete End to End partnership where we provide all SEN solutions for you

We believe in long lasting partnerships and want to see our partners grow and flourish hence we would work with you to bring you global world class SEN department. From assessing the current department, to Individual Education Plan for students, resource kits and grade wise curriculum development, we would do all of it. And not to forget parent workshops. All you have to do is provide us the space and recruit your SEN teachers and staff.